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Advanced Member | Brow Beginner 6 Week Course | LIVE FEB 2023

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Learn the art of brows from Australia’s brow professional, Shay Reed. Upgrade your fundamentals to transform into an excelling and confident brow stylist in as little as 6 weeks. Receive pre-recorded informational tutorials and engage in weekly meetings for live group sessions.

Watch, as Shay herself performs real time demonstrations on models, and take part in weekly checklists to ensure you are putting your best foot forward on the completion of the course.

Exclusive Facebook group access, purpose built to connect and share any and all Brow related questions with like-minded professionals. Week-to-week recorded, in depth video tutorials every Monday with weekly group chat meetings also included. Must-have goodies, hand picked by Shay herself and more!

Unlock and exclusive Brow professional experience with Shay Reed. Advanced members will have Shays total attention throughout 3 x 30 minute zoom calls over the 6 week period. Explore deeper into the industry and put forward any questions, concerns and pick her brain with business assistance. Also, receive Shay’s favourite products and business essentials valued at over $399.

Classic & Advanced & VIP Member options available.

Please contact hello@thenakedbrow for the course content outline.