Here at The Naked Brow, we pride ourselves in focusing on personalisation, permanence and passion. Specialising in Deluxe Brow and Lash Treatments, our team is dedicated to offer a unique, high end salon experience.

Shay, the founder of The Naked Brow Studio is a world known industry brow and business leader. Educating and training 2000+ students with a dedication to evolving and up-skilling, Shay is consistently ensuring industry leading practices are followed to keep up with all the latest innovations. 

1:1 Brow Training Now Available
  • Our Goals

    The goal for TNB is to have each and every one of my clients leaving my salon feeling beautiful. I also want to share my knowledge and experience to train as many brow babes as possible!

  • Our Mission

    Here at TNB, it’s all about enhancing natural beauty. After receiving your service, the idea is that you feel confident enough to keep your face naked! I want to ensure my clients know how beautiful they are and that a brow can make a world of difference to your confidence!

  • Our Vision

    Shay has so many exciting ideas for TNB but for now, the vision is to inspire as many brow babes as possible. To create beautiful brows and to inspire others that you can do anything you put your mind to!

Shay Reed

Founded by Shay Reed, who took her passion for brows and made it all into a reality in early 2018. From a home salon, to room renting, to now owning a beautifully, spacious salon, Shay is only just getting started.

Shay understands that one size does not fit all. Every client that walks through the salon door is always warmly welcomed and taken through a thorough consultation to make sure each client is heard and given their dream brows. Shay absolutely loves meeting new people and creating meaningful relationships with each and every client and student. 

Whilst working on the tools, Shay also shares her love and knowledge for the brow industry by offering educational courses worldwide with over 2000+ enrolled students.

If you are yet to do so, book in for your next brow appointment and let Shay take care of you and your brows.

Master the Art of Brows The Naked Brow Way

"If you're looking to take your brows and beauty business to the next level then look no further"

I would highly recommendShayfrom The Naked Brow, she came to my beauty salon for the hybrid brow mastery training and it was absolutely incredible! She was so genuinely invested into helping me acquire what my business needed as well as upskilling my technical abilities. If you are looking to take your brows and beauty business to the next level then look no further



S Madison Creative

Shaye (Madison), the founder of S Madison Creative is our social media, admin, graphic design and content creation queen. Shaye has been by The Naked Brow since the very beginning, from the idea of a brow studio, to rebranding Brows By Shay to who we are today - The Naked Brow Studio.

With 7+ years of experience in the beauty and digital design industry, Shaye is extemely passionate about her career. She is a perfectionist and and goes above and beyond with everyone she has the opportunity to collaborate with. Her kind, caring energy enhances the experience, making you feel warm and welcome. The Naked Brow would not be where we are today if it wasn't for Shaye.

Fun Fact: The Naked Brow Studio is why S Madison Creative exists today!